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Welcome to Year 4's Class page




Year 4 have adopted the Gospel value & virtue of 'patience' and 'courage'.

Patience - Proverbs 15:18

Hot-tempered people cause arguments; while patient people bring peace.

It is better to be at peace than to be a worrier.

Cheerfulness - Psalm 30:12

Lord, you have changed my sadness into dancing, my sorrow into joy.

David was very sad and he asked God for help; God cheered him up.


Harry Potter Day!


Whilst studying Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone during Spring Term, Year 4 were treated to a very special Harry Potter Day.


Mr O'Hara was mysteriously absent during the day but we were fortunate that Professor McGonagall was on hand to step in and save the day.


During the day, Year 4 took part in many activities that are commonplace in Hogwarts. They were sorted into their houses, before designing and making their own wands. Then, they went to Divination class, using tea leaves to predict the future. What would the future hold for Year 4?


Finally, the activity that they were most excited for. The Quidditch World Cup came to St. Gregory's, with each House team competing to be crowned Champions. Congratulations to Slytherin, who went unbeaten and, ultimately, lifted the trophy.


I'm sure regular school is a bit boring compared to Hogwarts but, for one day only, Year 4 were able to sample what life is like for Harry, Ron and Hermione.



Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2021 - 2022

Year 4 Class Information (Routines and Homework)



Times Table Rockstars - 10 minutes each day (Monday to Friday)

10 games on Studio mode, which will track the children's speed as well as their knowledge of times tables.


Spelling Frame - 5/10 minutes each day (Monday to Friday)

At least 1 Practice and 1 Test each night. The children will have a Spelling Quiz every Friday.


Read Theory - 1 test each day (Monday to Friday)

The children should complete one test each night.


Additional Homework (Friday)

Homework will be given to the children each Friday to support their learning of current Maths or English topics. Homework will alternate between Maths and English each week. Homework will be collected in on Monday.


PE (Wednesday)

Children are to come to school dressed in their PE kit ready for our PE lesson each Wednesday.