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St. Gregory's Digital Council

St. Gregory's Digital Council is elected every February on eSafety week. On Safer Internet Day, the serving council end their duties with a whole-school presentation, before 'handing the baton over' to their successors. Our Council is made up of representation from all key stakeholders in our school community: pupil representatives from Y2 to Y6; Mr Perree, representing Teachers and the Senior Leadership Team; a link Governor, who is also a parent. Meetings are held regularly, usually three times each half term, with several presentations made in classes, assemblies and at our annual eSafety Workshop for families.

If you have any concerns about the online safety of any children at St. Gregory's, whether it is in school or at home, please contact Mr Perree, Mrs Albon or Mrs McDonnell at the earliest opportunity. 


Meet the Digital Council for February 2019 to February 2020

Minutes of Meetings

2019 - 2020 Meeting 1

Who? All councillors and Mr Perree present.

What now?

  • Discussed our purpose for the year ('to help promote eSafety and keep everybody safe using technology, both inside and outside of school')
  • Discussed what actions we could take throughout the year
  • Discussed our first steps in becoming confident digital councillors and able to help others

What next?

  • Take our SMART rules home to practise and learn (remember), ready to share in classes and in whole-school assembly
  • Y6 councillors to display SMART posters in public places


2019 - 2020 Meeting 2

Who? All councillors and Mr Perree present.

What now?

  • Reviewed eSafety curriculum for all year groups
  • Reviewed eSafety literature (books used to help teach eSafety)
  • Discussed current usage of technology and any class issues

What next?

  • Y6 Digital Council to prepare to deliver a short eSafety assembly
  • Y3-Y5 councillors to prepare to reinforce eSafety assembly messages in class