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Summer term news letter

Nursery Class News Letter

April 2015
Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back!
Welcome back everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the Easter break. We have started our Summer term by welcoming our newest member to the group; Megan, and hope she will be very happy at St Gregory’s Nursery.

Summer clothing
Outdoor play is a core part of our daily Nursery curriculum. Your children’s safety is our priority and we kindly ask you to provide a sun hat for your child each day. We are unable to apply sun creams to the children once in nursery and strongly advise that you apply sun cream each morning before the session. Remember, even on cloudy days the weather can improve! Please ensure all items of clothing including hats are clearly labelled!
We are now moving into our second week, and Summer term is well underway! We are currently continuing our ‘Traditional Tales’ theme with growing and planting. This will be followed by ‘Mini-beasts’ and ‘Holidays’ alongside mini themes and topics relating to the children’s interests. As always we will talk to the children about what they already know, draw on prior learning and find out what they would like to explore.

We are continuing to encourage the children to explore a range of mark making/writing tools and are supporting them in giving meaning to the marks they make. To support your child at home;
-      Take opportunities for your child to see you writing for example writing a shopping list, a card, a letter.
-      Encourage your child to hold a pencil and make marks such as simple lines and circles and support them in attempting to write their name.
-      If your child is already confident in this move on to encouraging your child to add further marks to represent simple words and support them in giving meaning to those marks.
-      Take opportunities to talk to your child about the weather encouraging them to share their experiences when out and about!
-      Continue to share and talk about stories with your child. This is such an important part of your child’s development which will continue to support their early reading and writing!
We are continuing to reinforce numeral recognition between 0 and 10 and develop awareness of numerals and shapes in the environment.  
  • This can be supported at home by;
-     Encouraging your child to count everyday items such as toys, fruit, cups and plates,
-     Introducing simple number problems and drawing attention to numbers when out and about; bus numbers, car registration plates etc.
-     Drawing attention to shape; car wheels, windows, road signs.
We would love to see and celebrate anything your child has done at home in the way of pictures, letter and number work, including examples of drawings, writing and photographs!
Dates for your diary
Half term
This half term will finish on Friday 22nd May and will begin again on Tuesday 3rd June 2015.
Thank you for your continued support
Miss Yallop and Mrs Gee