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Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation

This year, children in Year 4 will be invited to take three important steps along their journey in faith. In Autumn 2015 they will be invited to attend St. Gregory's Church where they will make their First Confession (Sacrament of Reconciliation). Later in the year, usually in late spring/early summer, the children will be invited to confirm their faith and receive their first Holy Communion (Sacrament of Confirmation and Holy Communion). In preparation for their Confirmation and Communion, there will be sessions run by a committed team of Chatechists at St. Gregory's Church.


Sacrament of Reconciliation: Evening of Tuesday 8th of December, 2015

Sacrament of Confirmation and First Holy Communion: Saturday 7th of May, 2016


'May the blessing of God be upon you...
May God keep you safe when you are in danger.
May God guide you in the way of love.
May God support you in danger or hardship.
May God lift up your heart when you are feeling low.
May God comfort you when you are feeling lonely. 
May God give you strength when you are weak.
May God bring you home when you are lost.
May God surround you with loving care, always and forever.
You are holy, you are chosen, you are loved, you are blessed. 
St. Gregory, pray for us.





Sacrament of Reconciliation - Timetable