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Introduction to Letters and Sounds Phase One.
As part of their nursery curriculum your child will be following the Letters and Sounds phonics program at phase one, which focuses on developing listening and attention skills.
Phase one helps children become aware of different sounds, listening and remembering sounds, and talking about the sounds they hear, in preparation for learning letter sounds.
During our settling in period we talked the children about the importance of good listening and how they can show this. We have now begun focused group work beginning with environmental and instrumental sounds.
At home!
Suggested activities!
·         Go on a listening walk. Listen to and talk about the different sounds you can hear.
·         If you have musical instruments at home have fun playing them together and talk about their different sounds. If not use items such as wooden spoons on pans, metal spoons on mugs. Try to find sounds that are ‘ringing’, ‘scraping’, ‘banging’ and tinkly sounds etc and use language; loud, quiet, soft, long, short, high, low etc to describe the different sounds.
Over the coming weeks we will send home additional activities for you and your child to do together, relating to the various aspects of phase one.
Basic number skills
In nursery we practice counting daily using objects, actions and through songs and rhymes.
·         To help support your child’s awareness of number at home, enjoy sharing a number song each day such as ‘5 current buns’ and practice counting everyday objects such as; cups/plates on the table, how many forks you will need to put out? Can you count the buttons on your coat?
·         Go on a number hunt! Look out for numbers 1-5 within the environment; house numbers, car number plates etc.
Additional number activities to work on at home will also be sent out weekly.

Thank you

Miss Yallop and Mrs Gee