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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Class Teacher - Miss Connolly

Classroom Assistant - Miss Riley


Year 1 have adopted the Gospel value & virtue of 'friendship' and 'hope'.

Friendship - John 15:15

Jesus said: I do not call you servants any more because a servant does not know what his master is doing. I speak to you as friends because I have told you everything that my Father has told me.

God wants to be your friend, give you good advice, and to be close to you when you need him.

Hope - Ephesians 1:2

Let us, who were first to hope in the Lord, praise God's glory!

Everybody has hope in something; the people who believe in God hope to see God one day.

Gardening and Cooking - We made Pea Soup using peas, spring onion and radish grown in our class garden.

Maths - We can turn using whole turns, half turns and quarter turns. We also know left and right. (June 2021)

Year 1 gardening - we have been planting cress. Our flowerbed is also looking beautiful! (June 2021)

Maths - We used our knowledge of fractions to make our pizzas. We know wholes, halves and quarters. (June 2021)

Year 1 gardening - Planting our flowers (May 2021)

Maths - Making equal groups (May 2021)

RE - Come & See - Pentecost - We acted out Pentecost on the playground, when the disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then we made celebration cards using the colours of Pentecost. (May 2021)

Maths - We can count in 2s, 5s and 10s (May 2021)

Geography & Computing: We used compass directions to guide our partners across the grid. (April 2021)

Maths - Capacity - We had lots of fun using water this week, exploring the capacity of different containers. (April 2021)

Science - We looked for signs of Spring and found different types of plants around the school grounds. (April 2021)

Colour mixing - Using primary colours to make secondary colours. (April 2021)

We made Jester masks and crowns during our Famous Queens topic. (March 2021)

Phonics and Maths activities in Year 1 (March 2021)

Santa Dash

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KS1 Presents 'Christmas with the Aliens'

Year 1 are very proud to present our Christmas nativity play - 'Christmas with the Aliens'. Enjoy!

"Come on, are you ready?" from Christmas with the Aliens

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"Just a little bit of room" from Christmas with the Aliens

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Christmas Dinner Day

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Christmas Dinner Day

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Christmas Dinner Day

We made salt dough Christmas decorations

Autumn term pictures

Welcome to Year 1! All of the children have really impressed both myself and Miss Riley in the way that they have returned to school, we're really proud of how settled they are already! Our first topic this year is Dinosaurs. The children have already immersed themselves in small world play, creating their own Jurassic Park, sorting dinosaurs into groups and talking about similarities and differences. In Science and Geography we have been learning about the seasons with a particular focus on autumn, and we also have our Weather Centre set up in our role play corner. 

Maths - Ordering numbers