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(Written by pupils of St. Gregory’s School Council)


What we, as a school want to achieve at St. Gregory’s School in including everyone and treating everyone equally:


  • Live out our School’s Mission Statement daily. ‘Together, In Jesus, we love, learn, create and celebrate!’
  • Treat everyone how you would like to be treated yourself. (In what we say and do. To think before you act or say something.)
  • Provide the same opportunities for girls and boys. (Involve everyone in the activities and games we play.)
  • Respect the religion, beliefs and cultures of others. (Try to understand their view. People come from different backgrounds and are brought up to believe in different viewpoints.)
  • Look beyond the colour of a person’s skin or hair. (We are all the same beneath.)
  • Understand that differences make us unique. (We have all got special qualities to celebrate.)
  • Don’t be mean or disrespectful to people who look or sound different. (We all have feelings and emotions that can easily be hurt.)
  • Don’t let disabilities become a barrier. (Don’t let anything stand in your way.)
  • Don’t be disrespectful to people who love certain people. (We all have feelings and emotions and a basic need to love and feel loved.)
  • If someone is not as good as you at something, encourage and support them. (Help them be the best they can be.)
  • Be proud to be you! (Everyone is welcome at our school.)

Meet our School Council...

Our School Councillors represent the views of all the children in their classes.

They give up their own time during lunchtimes to attend regular meetings and work on projects

to help improve the school for everyone.

They are currently helping to achieve the 'Livesimply' CAFOD Award for living simply,

sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.

Making Advent wreaths for each class...

Remembrance Service at the Lydiate War Memorial outside Our Lady's Church

School Council at the Lydiate War memorial at Our Lady's Lydiate

St. Gregory's School Council and Eco Warriors collaborate to clean up the Leeds-Liverpool canal!