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The children are on the verge of becoming young adults, developing their inquisitive minds ready to question and challenge the world around them. We aim to encourage them to have a love of learning for life. The pace in which the children are required to learn and the challenging objectives make Year 5 a demanding time. In order for children to feel ready for year 6, it is essential that they develop key skills in core areas. If we can picture a successful Year 5 learner, they have certain personal qualities that enable them to grow and shine. Firstly, they will have become self-reflective learners. They know their own strengths and celebrate these with pride. They have recognised how they learn best and play to their strengths across the curriculum. Yet, these children also know their areas for personal development, ask for help when needed, and recognise ways in which they can support themselves to make progress. Essentially, the most successful children show resilience, understanding that we learn from our mistakes, and they are driven by self-motivation, always focussing, and working to the best of their ability. 


Across the linked webpages, I aim to outline some of the core skills your child will be taught in English and Mathematics. I have included objectives they are expected to meet and given some examples, so you can support them. There should also be some video links for practical examples in some areas. I also hope you will join us at the varying parent sessions throughout the year i.e Stay and Read, Come and Count etc.


Please do feel free to make an appointment with me via the School Office, if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress.