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Music Curriculum Intent
Our music curriculum provides a focus for creative energy to stimulate and develop the imagination. It is a vital part of our curriculum that underpins many aspects of learning such as: the ability to listen carefully; the exploration of feelings and responses to stimuli; the use of evaluation and appraisal and the ability to work in a team.  At St Gregory’s we aim for children to experience a broad and balanced music education which is both inclusive and cross-curricular.

Music Curriculum Implementation
When planning and preparing for music lessons teachers make use of the Charanga music scheme to ensure:
•    A progressive skill based approach to ensure the children reach their full potential.
•    Confidence and enthusiasm are developed through a variety of performance, listening, appraisal and evaluation across a range of historical periods, styles, genres, cultures and traditions including the work of well-known composers and musicians.
•    All children will learn to sing and to create, compose and perform music both on their own and with others.
•    Opportunities are made to explore cross curricular links to other subjects.
•    Children will have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and to explore the composition of music.
•    Children will also have opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities including joining the school’s choir and taking part in additional musical performances.


Music Curriculum Impact
Our music curriculum is high quality and planned to ensure progression.
Children will leave St Gregory’s having been exposed to a wide range of music. They will develop the skills required to appraise and appreciate music as well as creating their own.