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        Welcome to Reception Class   


Mrs McDonnell (Class Teacher/Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs Groves (Teaching Assistant)

Reception Class have adopted the British Value of 'Helpfulness'.
Throughout the summer term, we will be looking for ways we can be helpful to each other in school and at home.

In Reception Class, we like to have lots of fun whilst we learn.
We aim for every child to be happy and feel safe in our class.
We like good behaviour, good manners and kindness.
We try to develop good listening and communicating skills.

If you would like to speak to me or ask any further questions don't hesitate to pop to the office and ask for me.
Best wishes,
Mrs McDonnell

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PLEASE...continue to hear your child read every day.
Also...Please do some daily phonics/maths practice from the 'Learn at Home' sheets (which are sent home each Monday).
Help your child to practise reading and writing numbers to 20 and to practise writing their names using the pre-cursive style.

Foundation Stage News:


 It's official...        Bedtime stories help children learn more quickly!



A story at bedtime could help babies to learn much faster.
This is because children soak up the most information just before they go to sleep, new research has discovered.


The study has shown that snoozing helps young children to store new skills in their memory.
Discuss with your child what they like to read before bed.
Do they think they can remember things better if they learn them just before bedtime?

We were successful in securing another grant for
new outdoor play equipment for the Nursery/Reception outdoor area.
The new equipment has now been installed and looks fabulous!
The equipment has been specially designed and chosen to help develop the children's upper body strength, balance and coordination...all of which are essential for developing confident and independent mark-makers and writers.
We think the children will be very happy playing in their new play area.

Mr McDonnell has been busy making a Gruffalo bench and an outdoor weaving loom for the children to use.