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Welcome to Reception Class

with Mrs McDonnell & Mrs Groves  


Reception Class has adopted the Gospel value & virtue of 'peace' and 'thankfulness'.

Peace - Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called children of God.

Thankfulness- Psalm 104:33

I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to God while I live.

This psalm is a song of thankfulness to our God.


In Reception Class, we like to have lots of fun whilst we learn.

Our class motto is: 'We try to be kind and helpful to others'.
We aim for every child to feel happy and safe in school.
We like good behaviour, good manners and kindness.


Reception Class has also adopted the British value of 'Helpfulness'.
Throughout this Reception year, we will be looking for ways in which

we can be helpful to each other in school and at home.


We hope your child really enjoys their Reception year at St. Gregory's!

Best wishes,
Mrs McDonnell (Class teacher/Deputy Headteacher) & Mrs Groves (Teaching Assistant)


Welcome to Reception!

We are really impressed with the way our new Reception children are settling into school so quickly after the summer holidays and how happy and friendly they are with each other in class. The children are learning the Class rules and are learning to share toys and take turns with each other. They are enjoying their play in the different areas within the Reception environment and are engaging well with all the exciting resources and activities.


Please use Class Dojos (If you have not already logged into the Class Dojo platform, please check your phone or email for the invitation from school to join. If you have any problems logging in to Class Dojo, please ask Mrs McDonnell for the login letter for your child).

We use Class Dojo as a platform to send any photographs or videos of your child's work from school and you can also send photos and videos from home. We always enjoy looking at these in the classroom.

We look forward to working with you to support your child's learning in a fun and engaging way this year. Keep checking on Class Story on the Class Dojo page for latest weekly information.

Reception Curriculum Overview


Class information:


From Monday 6th September, all the Reception children will be in school together.

The school gate will be open from 8.45 until 8.55am. Mrs McDonnell will greet your child at the gate, then we will encourage the children to walk along the short path into school.

The children will all stay for lunch. We would like to encourage as many children as we can to try the free school meals which are cooked on our premises by our kitchen staff. We will help the children to make their meal choices and to cut up the food on their plates.

The school day will finish at 3.10pm. Please come down the path to collect your child at the Classroom door.


Wednesday - PE day - Children to come to school dressed in their PE kit (Green school T-shirt, green shorts, pumps or trainers with velcro.) They will wear their PE kit all day in school. You may provide jogging pants if the weather is cold.


Snack - We provide snack each day for your child. This varies daily from crackers, toast, bread sticks, along with butter, cheese, with fruit and vegetables (apples, pears, celery, tomatoes, carrots, peppers etc.). We try to encourage the children to each a range of healthy foods. We ask for £1 per week (payable each Monday) or £7 this term. Please send payment to Mrs Groves in Reception class. Any money left over after buying snack items is used to buy resources for the children to use in class.


Tissues - Please could you provide a box of tissues. You will be surprised how many tissues the children go through each week! However, it is important that we keep germs away and we teach the children to catch their sneezes and wipe their noses.


Water bottles - Please could your child bring a water bottle (clearly labelled with their name) each day to school. We will keep it topped up with water when it gets empty. We encourage the children to drink plenty of water each day.


Names on jumpers/cardigans - Please could you ensure that your child's name is clearly labelled on their school jumpers and cardigans. Please ask your child to show you where their name is so they will be able to spot it when they put their jumper or cardigan on in school. The iron-on, sew-on or sticky labels are so much longer lasting than writing names with a biro which washes off. Some clever parents sew a coloured button on the inside of the clothing so that their child clearly knows that this is their jumper or cardigan.


Book bags - Please send your child's book bag to school on a Wednesday.

It is important that we keep all our books in good condition, so please only use the book bags for transporting the books (not for water bottles etc.).

Enjoying our lunch together...