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 Welcome to Reception Class   


Mrs McDonnell (Class Teacher & Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs Groves (Teaching Assistant)

Reception Class have adopted the British Value of 'Helpfulness'.
Throughout this Reception year, we will be looking for ways in which

we can be helpful to each other in school and at home.


In Reception Class, we like to have lots of fun whilst we learn.

Our class motto is: 'We try to be kind and helpful to others'.
We aim for every child to feel happy and safe in school.
We like good behaviour, good manners and kindness.

We hope your child enjoys their Reception year at St. Gregory's
Best wishes,
Mrs McDonnell & Mrs Groves

Learning about healthy food & drinks. Learning how to look after our teeth...

Joint Reception & Year 1 Mass with Father Grant...

Design Technology Activities

Learning about Hanukkah with Mr Cohen in our 'Other faith' Judaism week...

Learning to ride our bikes...12 children started to ride their bikes without stabilisers! Well done!!

Our 'Terracotta warriors'!

Wishing our wonderful Mums a very happy Mother's Day at a special Assembly...

Learning how to wash our hands properly with the School Health visitors

A visit from two authors and their dog, Little Nell...

World Book Day....Sharing our favourite books...

e-Safety in Reception Class

We have been learning about how we can keep ourselves safe when using technology online.

The Childnet story about 'Smartie the penguin' is a useful discussion tool for parents to engage with their children about how to keep safe online.

Watch the video of the story with your child, following this link:


At the vets...Reception children are caring for all the sick pets...

Reception class wanted to have their 'snack in the snow' before chasing snowflakes on the playground...

Reception Reading Meeting

Thank you to all our parents who attended the Reception Reading meeting. We hope you found the meeting informative and that you gained an understanding of how we teach early reading and synthetic phonics at St. Gregory's School. We hope you found the hand-out useful and know how you can support your child with their reading at home.


We hope all the children are enjoying the reading books they bring home. Please spend 5 to 10 minutes EVERY DAY practising their reading with them.


Letters and Sounds

Your child is learning to recognise these (phase 2 & 3) phonemes and say the sound each one makes.

Please practise saying the sounds regularly at home to help support your child in their learning.

Write down 3 letter words using these letters (cat, dog, mat, get, big, bat, kid etc.) and help your child to blend the sounds together to read them.

This is the sequence in which the Phase 2 & 3 letters are taught:


s   a   t   p   i   n   m   d   g   o   c   k  ck   e   u   r   h   b   f   ff   l   ll   s   ss

ai   ee   igh   oa   oo   ar   or   ur   ow   oi   ear   air   ure   er


Your child will bring home the work they have done with each letter every day so you can talk about it at home.

If you would like to see the full 'Letters and Sounds' publication with all the phases, please click on this link:

Tricky words

During Phase 3, the following tricky words (which can't yet be decoded) are introduced:

  • he
  • she
  • we
  • me
  • be
  • was
  • you
  • they
  • all
  • are
  • my
  • her

Can you read these captions? (Click on the link below to help your child to sound out the words in the following captions)

Taking part in RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch...Getting to grips with our binoculars...We saw woodpigeons, magpies, blackbirds, house sparrows, black-headed gulls and a blue tit...(as well as Mr Hutson on the roof!!)

A visit from student Joe who is currently working in our parish...

Christmas sewing...The children have sewn Christmas stockings to put on their trees...

Look who came to visit...

Ned's Christmas Discovery - 'Snowflake' performance

Still image for this video

Ned's Christmas Discovery - 'Christmas Dinner' performance

Still image for this video

Selling 'Fairtrade' items at St. Gregory's...

Mrs Simpson came to visit with her baby Joshua...

Practising writing the letter 'k' in one of our phonics lessons outdoors...

Goldilocks and the three bears...

Acting out a baptism - Come and see topic - Welcome

At our special Welcome Assembly...

Enjoying our lunchtime together...