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This half term we have been exploring Autumn and colour...

We began our topic by going on a walk to look for signs of Autumn. The children enjoyed exploring the leaves that had fallen from the trees and noticed how they had changed colour.


Exploring our pumpkin was lots of fun! We talked about the texture, colour and smell.


During the afternoon lots of us also following a simple recipe to make pumpkin soup!



Finding out about hedgehogs!

Recently the children have enjoyed finding out simple facts about hedgehogs. They have shown lots of interest in how they prepare to hibernate during Autumn and how we can help to care for them.


We talked about letting others know that hedgehogs may be in our garden and made special signs. Lots of us then explored what materials would be best for hedgehogs to build their nests. We then went on to use clay to make model hedgehogs.

We began our colour theme by exploring red and orange. The children are enjoying bringing into nursery coloured items from home for 'show and tell'.


As part of our colour theme, we created patterns using orange fruits and vegetables.