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Robin Hood! Who is the Villain?!

Join us as we discover exactly who the villain is...

Robin Hood

We began our literacy topic by looking in detail at the characters in the stories, researching and interviewing a select few. Children have explored common themes of 'helping others' and 'stealing from the rich to give to the poor'. We have debated the actions of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, aiming to conclue whether they really were heros or villains. Year 4 have looked carefully at the tales and created a newspaper report of their own, focussing on an event based around common themes in the tales. Alongside many other fun activities the children of Year 4 worked in groups to devise and act a trailer for their own Robin Hood movie. Creating our own trailers gave us lots of ideas for writing our own adventure story. As well as writing reports and stories of our own, we have worked as a class to perform a Ballad of Robin Hood, putting actions to phrases and expression to our voices.

Above all, we're learning lots through having fun!

Spelling, punctuation and grammar:
Over the past week we have been focussing on the use of pronouns and how they take the place of nouns. We have also worked to identify and subsequently include a variety of verbs, powerful adjectives and pronouns within our short character descriptions suitable for a 'WANTED' poster.
Next, we will turn our SPaG focus to the use of inverted commas, punctuation of direct speech, sentences with subordinate clauses and use of appropriate conjunctions.

Robin Hood literacy!

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