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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Deborah Albon - Headteacher

Mrs Yallop - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Chantal Gee - Teaching Assistant
Ms Cathy Riley & Mrs Amy Brown - Nursery pm staff

Pat Reid - Volunteer helper

Mrs Anita McDonnell - Deputy Headteacher & Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Maureen Groves- Classroom Assistant

Mrs Linda Thompson - Year 1 Class Teacher

Ms Cathy Riley, Mrs Lyn Russell - Classroom Assistants

Miss Lisa Connolly - Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss Helen Richardson- Classroom Assistant

Mr Simon Lea - Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Josie Davies, Mrs Pauline Richardson - Classroom Assistants

Mrs Roisin Gibson - Year 4 Class Teacher 

Mr Joseph Perree - Year 5 Class Teacher 

Miss Heather Brown - Year 6 Class Teacher

Key Stage 2 Support Teacher:Mr Simon Thompson


Key Stage Two Classroom Assistants:

Mrs Janet Kearney

Mrs Jacqueline Williams

Mrs Jose Davies

Mrs Kathy Hynes

Mrs Andrea Deegan


Picture 1 Author Steve Hartley's visit (& Aunty's bloomers!)
Picture 2 Mabel's Tea Room - Summer Fayre
Picture 3 Fun with with Merseyside Fire Fighters!!
Picture 4 St. Gregory's Got Talent judges
Picture 5 History Day
Picture 6 Getting new resources for our classes!
Picture 7 Sponsored 'Welly Walk'
Picture 8 Joining in the fun on our 'Welly Walk'