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Digital Council

St. Gregory's Digital Council

Current Activity:
We are in the process of: setting out our vision for the future of St. Gregory's Digital Council with our own Council Mission Statement/motto and establishing our overall aims for the year ahead. 

Digital Council for the academic year 2016/2017
Chairperson: Connor (Y6)
Vice-Chairperson: Zachary (Y5)
Secretary: Isabelle (Y5)
Events Coordinator: Erin (Y6)
Digital Councillors: Harry (Y3), Michael (Y4), 
Jessica (Y2), Sean (Y2), Emily (Y3) & Tyler (Y4)
Teaching Staff Member: Mr Perree
Governing Body Representative: Mrs Hartnett


If you have any concerns about the online safety of any children at St. Gregory's, whether it is in school or at home, please contact Mr Perree or Mrs McDonnell at the earliest opportunity.