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Year 4

Homework 15.2.19

Half a lovely half term! :) 
(handed out)

Writing Booklet: (handed out)

Additional Homework -Get ahead for next week! 

* converting hours and minutes. E.g. How many seconds in one minute? How many minutes in one hour? 
* converting analogue to 24 hour digital 
It would be really useful if you could bring in a watch to wear, so that you get used to checking the time yourselves.  


Talking Points: 

'Starter' sentences (one clause/one idea has happened/you tell the reader one thing)
'Mains' sentences (two main clauses together, which make sense on their own. These clauses or ideas are stuck together with a 'sticky word') 
'Sub' sentence (a sentence which includes a subordinate clause and a main clause. A subordinate clause does not make sense on its own, and adds extra information to the main clause)


* We will be looking at 'being' verbs. To be or not to be, that is the question!
Is 'am' a verb? Is 'was' a verb? Why

Life Skills - fixing a bike wheel

Shine in the Darkness

Welcome to Year 4



We have adopted the British Value of 'Democracy'.
Throughout the year, we will be learning about this value and how important it is in our society.