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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



We have adopted the British Value of 'Democracy'.
Throughout the year, we will be learning about this value and how important it is in our society.


Homework Half Term

The prefix 'ir' 
irregular - Irregular shapes have sides of unequal lengths.
irrelevant - The teacher said that the excuse was irrelevant.
irresponsible- It is irresponsible to throw litter. 

Year 3/4 Spellings:
(tested frequently) 



Times Tables:

Focus on division facts to prepare for division when we return. We will be looking at the bus stop method. Ask yourself questions like:

How many 4s in 17?

How many 6s in 37? 


Comprehension (handed in Friday):
Handed out.
Please take your time to read the text carefully. Highlight the important information with a highlighter and ask someone at home to check your answers make sense.


Handed out. 
Talking Points:
What do you know about instruction texts? Why do we need them? Are they fiction or non-fiction? How are they different from other styles texts? What special features do they have? 
If you have a recipe book at home, feel free to bring it in for us to look at.