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St. Gregory's eSafety Leaders are Mr Perree and Mrs McDonnell. If you are concerned or would like to seek further advice, please feel free to browse through the links below for specific digital support. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with Mr Perree and Mrs McDonnell via our school office.
Our Designated and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leaders are Mrs Albon (DSL, HT), and Mrs Cheston (DDSL, Y6). 

The children of St Gregory's are taught about how to stay safe using a wide variety of technology including computing devices, mobile phones & gaming stations. Pupils are made aware of how to keep both themselves and others safe and not give away any personal information which may form part of a larger 'jigsaw'. As a school, we also explore the effects of Cyber bullying, raising awareness of its dangers and what they can do if they become, or they suspect a friends have become, a victim of cyber bullying. In addition to the many implicit opportunity taken by staff, each year the whole school takes part in an e-safety week, which provides opportunity for more explicit teaching of eSafety, culminating in a 'Share, Celebrate and stay eSafe!' assembly at the end of the week. 


We also provide further eSafety training opportunities for parents and members of the wider community through online training, which can be completed at your leisure, and provides an eSafety certificate upon completion. Online Training for 2018/2019 will be released in February 2019. Please keep an eye on the school bulletin and app for any additional messages which are shared throughout the year.

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eSafety Training for Parents, Governors & Wider Community; eSafety Sharing Assembly