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Catholic Life of St. Gregory's School

Welcome to the 'Catholic Life of St. Gregory's School' page.


We are proud to share and celebrate with you many of the elements which make St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School so special. Being a Catholic school, we place Jesus and the message of the Gospels at the centre of all that we do.


When you click on the 'Catholic Life' page you will find information to help families, the Parish and school work together in supporting Religious Education and development of our children's faith journeys.


On the 'Catholic Life' page, you will be able to view 'Come and See' newsletters which explain the work we are covering this year, suggested activities and important dates in the Church year. We have also included our school's Mission Statement, which is embedded throughout everything we do at school. You will also find photographs showing special celebrations and moments for Collective Worship. There are also photographs of our school work, displays, charity work and clubs.


We hope that you find our 'Catholic Life' page informative and interesting. Please now go to the 'Catholic Life' page.